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Jeremy Reynolds

Ignorant Distributor on Fire

Jeremy Reynolds

“I've always had a different perspective than many other successful network marketers because I had no prior experience before meeting with Jeanette and Andrew Brooks in April of 2005. As a traditional business owner, I'd had some interaction with the network marketing industry, and I knew that with the long hours I spent at work—and not at home—I was completely out of balance.

“I had always made time to listen to audio business and personal finance books and the recurring ideas of controlling your own destiny, letting your business work for you instead of working for your business, really appealed to me. I started thinking that none of those people had attributes and skills that I couldn't develop and the lifestyle benefits were too great to pass up.

“Upon getting started with Xoçai, I had a lot to learn and a lot of hard work to do. My initial success came from 'ignorance on fire,' and while I was still learning the business, I figured if you can keep people on fire you can train them to get better. Soon, I took the best practices from a number of sources and it boiled down to one tool, when you join the company, you get free training and a system that will show even the least experienced network marketers how to be successful.”

Adam Green

Formula for Success

Adam Green

“In my formative years I worked for my entrepreneurial father learning managerial skills, venture capitalism, sales and negotiation techniques in addition to international business finance, investing and entrepreneurialism. I also had the privilege to work for and with Fortune 100 companies and learn from some of the best international business minds in the world.

“Then in 2000 I became introduced to the business, working closely as a vendor to the direct selling industry. In helping dozens of top network marketing companies obtain incredible success through innovative product development and customized manufacturing. As I got closer to network marketing, I saw the incredible opportunities for financial freedom and increased wellness. After doing some research, I became open to the idea of actually giving it a shot. Luckily, after meeting with Jeanette, my wife and I discovered the health benefits of the healthy chocolate and saw the profitable business opportunity and joined Xoçai as one of the founding business partners.

“Since starting with Xoçai we have seen the growth of this innovative company from its infancy to the multi-million dollar company it is today. I knew we would find success, but we had to search hard for it. If you want to be successful in direct selling, it's important that you align yourself with a company, a product line and a team that shares your objectives—and that's exactly what I found with Xoçai.”

A Former Vice President Finds New Home with Xoçai

Sherm Smith

“As luck would have it, I found out about Xoçai while having a cup of coffee sitting next to Butch Swaby. He told me he was in the chocolate business and right away I wanted to know more. I asked him several questions and followed up our conversations by doing a little bit of research. When I told my wife, Ruth, that I had learned about a healthy chocolate business, she asked if it was dark chocolate? She then told me about the numerous articles she's red about the health benefits of dark chocolate.

“We're a couple that has always believed in eating healthy and staying as healthy as we can be. We knew right away that this was a business we wanted to do. I held a vice president position with an aerospace company prior to joining Xoçai, and even though I had no experience in network marketing, I wanted to learn more. So I packed my bags and flew to Reno to meet with Jeanette and Andrew Brooks, Xoçai's founders.

“Once my wife and I got started with Xoçai, it took us 18 months to replace my salary. We love the freedom we have to do what we love most. Mostly, we just like to help people improve their health and earn more money, and that's all we can hope for in a business.”

California Mom Finds Financial Freedom

Connie Hollstein

“There are numerous reasons why I chose to join the Xoçai family. Initially I thought network marketing was just for people who couldn't find jobs, but I didn't understand the business model. After learning more about the benefits of the business opportunity, I realized it could help me reach my dreams.

“After finding success with Xoçai, I have been able to be there for my daughter in ways I never thought possible. Because of Xoçai I have been able to pay for her to go to a good college and visit her whenever I want. I love being able to spend more time with my family.

“I also love being able to help others. This business has given me the opportunity to help my favorite charities, like my church, Operation Smile and charities that help veterans. I have a passion for working with others who want to grow, succeed and help others do the same.”

On the Road with Xoçai

Butch & Carolyn Swaby

“Before we were introduced to Xoçai we had several successful businesses. The only problem was that they required a lot of our time, and the more money we made, the more time we had to spend away from our family. So when a friend told me I needed to come to a meeting and see about a chocolate business, I took him up on his offer.

“Soon after getting started on the product, we had each lost 20 pounds and felt great. We love sharing Xoçai Healthy Chocolate with people because we love the product so much. It's like sharing our favorite restaurant with our family and friends.

“The best part about Xoçai is that it doesn't require us to be at an office or at the store, and it doesn't even require us to be in our home state. Now we can travel as much as we want and do a lot of our business from our motor home between trips.”

Overcoming Obstacles with Xoçai

Kerry Dean

“In 2006 I was an unhappy, unmotivated single mother who had just become a widow for the second time. We were having financial hardships and I was suffering from depression. That's when I got a call from Sandy Chambers that would change my life.

“Despite the encouragement from Sandy and others, I didn't enjoy success with Xoçai right away. I didn't really do much for the first six months, but I had started eating the chocolate. I ate the chocolate and got out of the depression. Having become a product of the product, I went from associate to ambassador in two years.

“Now, I have found the financial freedom I've always dreamed of, and I can spend my time traveling with my four children. I have found success with Xoçai because of a combination of things. Certainly the chocolate, and Like-minded people who set goals and do what it takes to make them a reality.”

Xoçai Delivers Health and Wealth

Dana Alsop

“I'm a chocoholic, so when I learned about healthy chocolate and that it could help me overcome the effects of lupus, I was more than interested. I was first introduced to healthy chocolate at a tradeshow in Indiana. After talking with the chocolate specialist, I purchased a variety bag and ate half the bag that day.

“After taking the chocolate for six weeks, I had an appointment to get blood work done because of my lupus. At first I was afraid to tell the doctor about the chocolate. But when she was surprised at how great my blood work looked, I had to tell her. I attribute the improvement in my health to Xoçai Healthy Chocolate.

“I just wanted to find health, but what I ended up with was my health and wealth. I'm not a pushy person, but I feel like I have to share this chocolate with people who are wanting to feel better physically. I feel drastically different since I discovered healthy chocolate. I believe whole-heartedly in these products.”

Xoçai to the Rescue

Felix Gudino

“After spending a decade in the network marketing industry, I started an insurance business in Portland, Oregon. I had heard about Xoçai in 2006 and decided it would be plan B if things didn't work out. After the recession hit and things started to go south, I committed to Xoçai.

“Before I got back into network marketing, however, I needed to feel committed to the product and the company. I found a product that people like to eat and tapped into the wellness market. That was big for me. In addition, the compensation plan is a team-based plan that was better than I'd had with the other company.

“I have to pinch myself sometimes because I can't believe the life I have. My life has changed so much through Xoçai. I'm able to go places and do things I never dreamed would have been possible before Xoçai. I love being my own boss and staying motivated to work hard.”

Improved Health leads to Improved Wealth

Caroline King

“Xoçai changed my health first, which led me to get serious with the business side of this great opportunity. Since I have been eating it I have lost weight, I have energy I had when I was 21, my skin has improved, and my horrible migraines and asthma have become non-issues for the first time in a very long time.

“Then, when my real estate business took a downturn, I got serious about the business side of Xoçai. Now, I am focused on finding people who want to join me in changing their lives—their own and others—through better health and chocolate money. I am one of those people who someone might have assumed was too busy for this business, but one of the greatest things about Xoçai is the flexibility in the hours I work so I can prioritize my family. I am proof that you can build a solid income part-time and then shoot for the moon. I feel so blessed to be a part of Xoçai.”

Stay-At-Home Mom Earns Full-Time Income with Xoçai

Temple Swift

“The Xoçai Nugget has changed my life. I am now a healthy, stay-at-home mom raising my two-year-old son, working part-time around his schedule, while earning a full-time income and enjoying many of the other benefits Xoçai has to offer including the MXI reward cruises. My husband and I have received amazing support and training and we have a fabulous team of people who are advancing right along with us. I found that focusing on something you love, consuming it for good health and being paid to help people with their health and wealth is both fun and rewarding. The friends we have met and the lives we have touched with chocolate have helped us reach the platinum level.”

Xoçai is here to Stay

Paul & Jocelyn Nelson

“This is one of those things that you just can't help but tell people about. Even if there wasn't a business opportunity available, we would still be sharing the chocolate with everyone. Xoçai has a whole line of delicious products to choose from, making it easy for us to change our eating habits. Pair that with the power of raw cocoa, and we have seen numerous health benefits.

“In addition, the business opportunity is solid and truly rewards you for your efforts. It has allowed Jocelyn to work from home so she can be with our children. The business is doing so well that soon it will replace the income our electrical contracting business brings in. Xoçai's future is secure, and it's a ground-floor company that is just getting ready to hit its stride. We are excited to be building our chocolate dynasty.”

Answer to All my Questions

Terje Babsvik

“Before joining Xoçai I had to ask myself a number of questions. I needed to know if I was hungry enough for success and if I had enough enthusiasm for building an organization. I wanted to make sure I had the dedication and concentration for this industry. Could I learn anything from this, would it be fun and was I ready to socialize with new people around the world?

“With a superb product and a strong market for the product, Xoçai answered all my questions for me. It's a debt-free company that has fantastic leadership and is complete with like-minded people. And as my brother told me: Don't ever doubt the concept. We're talking about healthy chocolate.”

Opening my Eyes to Business

Kevin Washington

“Working with Xoçai has opened my eyes to the importance of antioxidants and flavonoids, as well as the necessity of protecting our cells to maintain our health. This company has also opened my mind to the power of network marketing. Since becoming involved with Xoçai, I have learned more about business than my previous 15 years of being a business owner. Gaining true leverage through building a network is what I appreciate the most. Achieving this through building relationships and simply sharing an opportunity has forever changed my mind when it comes to business.”

Residually Rewarding

Paul Engemenn

“My favorite thing about working in show business was the residual income I would see from projects I had worked on in the past. But after my wife and I started working as high-end interior designers, we realized how much we missed that extra income—you can only sell a couch once. So once I learned a little more about network marketing, I came to appreciate the advantages.

“Now, I have the freedom to live life on my own schedule and the checks just keep showing up in my mailbox each week. Our family was able to disappear to Peru for three weeks and have a five-star vacation and the checks kept coming.

“Initially I was reluctant about network marketing because I didn't know for sure what it was. I eventually had to look at the opportunity as I would any other business opportunity. Now, when someone comes to me with the same misconceptions, I can answer them honestly and we can work through them together.”

Finally Eating Chocolate Again

Judy Daniel

“I've been allergic to chocolate since I was 13 years old, and I had a friend, Diane Hoover, who always forgot and would offer me chocolate. So when she started Xoçai, she promised not to talk to me about it. It wasn't until April of 2007 that I was at Diane's house and saw a flier on her refrigerator for a chocolate conference.

“After I heard about the network marketing opportunity of Xoçai, I decided to try the chocolate to see if I would have any kind of reaction. Needless to say, I didn't have an allergic reaction, and I began researching the business opportunity right away. Training doesn't get any better than Kathy and Paula. I had a huge support system when I got started.

“I've always tried to sponsor people who are better than I am. It makes it easier to succeed that way. People love chocolate, some are addicted to it. I love being able to introduce people to a healthy way to indulge. The chocolate tastes great and is good for you. What could be better?”

Industry Insider

Rishon Ludders

“With my mom being involved in network marketing when I was young, I've been around the industry for most of my life. So after graduating high school and going to college, I saw my mom succeed in another company. Eventually, after marrying an officer in the company, I decided to get involved myself, and even worked my way up to became president. After being with that company for 17 years, my husband and I divorced and I decided to leave the company.

“I never thought I would get back into network marketing. I was so loyal to my last company, and I didn't think I could immerse myself in another culture. Initially I passed on the opportunity after being contacted by Paula Pritchard and Kathy Robbins, but once I heard what distributors were making with Xoçai, I had to take a closer look.

“I really think this company has all the things you need to be successful. If you've never done this before, take advantage of the great training and learn as much as you can. More than anything though, give it everything you've got.”